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We build long-term relationships with our customers by delivering quality and excellence. Zontia Group of Companies brings to you only the best and most refined outcomes from all groups of the company.

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We are a Gamut of Business, uplifting the standard of life.

Zontia group of companies has six independent companies under it, it is a group of knowledgeable and well-experienced individuals, working together as a team to deliver the best results. We aim to deliver quality and excellence. Zontia group has completed over 50+ Projects successfully all over Tamil Nadu. It has a wing of service brought together under a single roof, aspiring to provide the ultimate experience with genuine outcomes. The main mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients by providing exceptional customer service. The advanced technology used makes it easier to connect to the digital world. We are a Gamut of Business, uplifting the standard of life. Zontia groups are known for their well-organized legal departments and advanced technology making them the best.


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Zontia Group of Companies brings to you only the best and most refined outcomes from all groups of the company. It is a real estate company with a unique contemporary style seeking to connect people with the best property. As a team, we aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern customers.

Real Estate

Zontia Group is a real estate company, successfully delivering projects in the real estate industry. Mr. K. Mohideen brings significant experience into the business with his leadership qualities, ensuring that only the best outcomes are delivered. With that being said Zontia Group in real estate has completed over 50+ projects all over Tamilnadu, leaving our customers with ultimate happiness and satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction
Distinctive Villas
Best Villa Plots
A good relationship with clients


Mr.K.Mohideen believes that greatness is defined by what you give rather than what you have. The charitable organization was founded to help the poor, particularly orphans and children with single parents. At the trust, each child is given individual attention, with a focus on their education and basic needs. Mr.K.Mohideen extends his hand in times of disaster, acting as a parent these children have never had. His selfless actions inspire and motivate the trust's children.

Acts of Kindness
Encouraging and uplifting
Provides basic resources
Provides resources during disasters


Zontia Infrastructure is a Construction company, working towards producing only the best results for our clients. Our team is put together by a group of creative and contemporary minds. We understand your vision and produce results of quality, assuring 100% satisfaction. Our millennial team finds the right balance and constantly keeps up the potential in giving the best outcomes.

Detailed planning
100% satisfaction

Zontia Tourism

The Zontia Group of Tourism enlivens your trip with the greatest travel itinerary. Our travel company helps you plan your trip, whether it is domestic or international. Travel practically any place around the globe with our services. Zontia Tourism ensures that excursions away from home are always comfortable.

Unique offers
Exclusive travel packages
Safety & security
Comfort & leisure


Our Latest Projects

Founder & Chairman Zontia Groups

Mr. K. Mohideen

The executive head of the company, Mr.K.Mohideen manages everyday operations to promote growth and development. He started his early career in the banking sector and realized that he was made for bigger things. His driven spirit lead him to work at a familiar Real estate company where he created unique systems and developed the business to its best form. Mr.K.Mohideen is known for his innovative mind, always seeking to bring out the best in people and in an organization. He has trained and motivated many youngsters in the real estate industry and created valuable individuals. Mr.K.Mohideen later in the year 2016 started his own business in the name ZONTIA GROUPS. His leadership qualities and zeal to enlighten young minds have paved the way for the multiple Zontia groups resulting in great success.


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