Zontia Charitable Trust

Every child matters

Zontia Group Charitable Trust envisions a better world. Where children no longer have the need to beg or starve. Every child matters. We strive hard to ensure that all children of the trust have access to basic resources. We provide quality-centric training programmes for our students, enhancing their morals and ethics. The trust not only focuses on providing the basic needs for the children but also gives them complete guidance until they complete their education and find a job. The Zontia group charitable trust extends a helping hand, especially in times of disasters.

India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. We work towards protecting as many children as we can. By providing the right education and training, we prepare them to take over the world with the right attitude.

Every child in the trust is equally important to us. We care for their mental health as much as we care to provide them with the right education.


Thirty-five million children all over India do not go to school between the ages of 6 and 14. Of those, 53% of girls are illiterate. Zontia Group Charitable Trust is a gender-neutral space. Each child is important to us, and that is why we ensure that every child gets the right education. By giving children the right education, they will learn to fund themselves and turn into independent individuals.

Aid during disasters

Zontia Group Charitable Trust goes the extra mile during disasters to help the children. The team ensures that the children have sufficient food and water. Blankets and clothes are distributed to all children. Children are the worst affected, during these times, and Zontia Group Charitable Trust helps them better handle these calamities.

Training programs

At Zontia Group Charitable Trust we offer students the training and molding they need to place them in one of our companies. We make sure that they are never deprived of their basic rights. Their talent and determination leave up astonished. We believe that every voice matters. With the right support and guidance, we believe that these children can turn into leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen.