Founder & Chairman Zontia Groups

Mr. K. Mohideen's early years

Mr. K. Mohideen is the first generation in his family to run a business. He was born on December 1st, 1981. Mr. K. Mohideen was a lively young man who was continuously seeking new methods to express himself. He graduated from high school and enrolled in college between the years 2000 and 2003. He obtained a BBA before pursuing an MBA. Mr.K.Mohideen has always been fascinated by business and has dreamed to create his own empire. He began his work in 2005, after completing his master's degree, at a prominent banking institution, where he oversaw the reserve component unit (RCU).

He learned to be a leader at a young age. He worked at the bank from 2005 to 2007 and did everything he could to help the company succeed. During these years, he gained a lot of knowledge and experience, and the need for customer satisfaction became apparent. At this point in his life, he came to the realisation that he was meant for greater things, and his love for humanity inspired him to establish the Zontia Groups of Companies.

Before being renamed Zontia Group of Companies, the company was known as KNCS. Mr. K. Mohideen's mother's initials inspired the name KNCS. He had always wanted to call his company Zontia Groups of Companies. His desire to learn new things and his determination to become a successful entrepreneur prompted him to consider establishing the Zontia Groups of Companies. Initially, he worked for a real estate company, completing 50+ projects and sending out thousands of satisfied customers. He has mentored and inspired many young people in the real estate industry, molding them to become valuable leaders. He oversaw the company's revenue growth and instilled in them a desire to conquer more.

Rise of Zontia Group of Companies

In the year 2016, he successfully launched the Zontia Group of companies as a part of making his "vision come true". His significant skills and experience in sales, sourcing, finance, and also social activities brought rise to the other companies that complete the Zontia Group of companies. Today, the Zontia Group comprises six companies, each with its own vision of being the best in a competitive world. It is now one of the leading companies in Chennai that deals with the stock market, finance, housing and construction, and insurance. With years of experience, he makes it a priority to understand and validate the need for growth in the company. Zontia groups within the company are constantly growing and achieving the impossible. Entering the global market is a dream of every entrepreneur, and it took five hard years to hit the global market with a lot of determination.

Mr. K. Mohideen is a man of simplicity, sincerity, and confidence. He always finds ways to help and ignite people. His radiant energy lights up a room when he walks in, spreading light and positive energy to all. This optimistic attitude brings out the best in all that he does. He is an adorable son, an affectionate brother to his siblings, a caring husband, a loving father, a passionate leader, and, above all, an approachable head for his team. He is a perfectionist and a dedicated head of the company. He constantly shows a spirit of winning and accomplishment.

Qualities of Mr. K. Mohideen

  • Visionary and optimistic
  • Humble and kind
  • Dedicated and devoted
  • Positive and inspirational